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Your entire company knowledge, universally accessible to all employees.

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Zive Mobile Dashboard
Zive Mobile Dashboard

The Enterprise Knowledge Platform

Zive is an AI-powered platform that maps and structures your company's knowledge from all your business applications to make it universally accessible – empowering employees to find exactly what they need.

AI-powered Workplace Search

Empower employees to search and find everything through a unified intelligent search – the "Google for business".

Knowledge Graph

Explore your company's structured knowledge and the connections therein – and access it via API to utilize it in your business processes and apps.

Native Integrations

Collaboration tools. Productivity tools. HR systems. Customer service tools. CRMs. Intranets. ERPs. All available out of the box at just a few clicks.

Knowledge AI

Imagine you could chat with your company's knowledge. Ask anything and get correct and permission-aware answers in seconds.

Work just got easier.

For years you have been waisting time searching and gathering information. You have gotten used to workarounds, asking others (thereby stealing their time) or simply redoing things from scratch. Zive is here to solve it.


When you want to discover existing knowledge


When you want to access things quickly


When you're new to the job

People & Experts

When you need an expert

Just tell me what you need.

Zive understands what you need and it understands you. It gives you exactly what you're looking for at incredible speed. Through hyper-personalization, intelligent search term interpretation and our proprietary 360° search scoring system.

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Zive Mobile Search
Zive Mobile Search
🇩🇪 Made in Germany

Security by Design


Data security. We're applying ISO 27001 and SOC2 standards to ensure highest levels of data security.


GDPR compliant. All data storage and processing is done exclusively in the EU, providing all tools needed to exercise GDPR rights.


Data encryption. All data at rest and in transit are encrypted using latest encryption technology.


Permissions. Zive considers and applies all access level permissions of your content source systems.